Valeo™ Philosophy

Creating moments of joy every day, in every interaction.

valeo_colorVALEO (va-LAY-oh), verb. Latin for “to thrive.”
Our Valeo philosophy of engagement comes to life through our innovative programs that help those with memory challenges continue developing by reigniting past memories and enjoying new experiences.

Preserving and celebrating each resident’s legacy is a key element of Valeo. Valeo centers on holistic care with programming adapted specifically to help residents with memory impairments foster the Four Components of Wellness:

  1. Physical: Engaging in self-care through both activity and proper nutrition
  2. Social: Strengthening and developing existing and new relationships – both with people and pets
  3. Intellectual: Performing creative, stimulating activities to re-ignite memories and preserve cognition
  4. Spiritual: Reserving time to connect with one’s personal beliefs

Our memory care services include tiered wellness packages based on individual care needs. This allows you to pay for assistance as required in an easy-to-understand package of services.

Engaged, compassionate staff

Our industry-leading training programs teach all staff – even non-clinically licensed employees in operations, dining or housekeeping – how to compassionately support the day-to-day needs of residents with memory impairments while finding ways to engage with them.

Every person on staff is considered a care provider in our community. They take time to truly get to know each resident, and work every day to create moments of joy. Staff are encouraged to blend personal interests and experiences into the lives of residents, lead group activities and interact on a regular basis.

Trained and licensed medical professionals

Berkeley Oaks is staffed around-the-clock, 365-days-a-year with licensed nurses, on-site visiting physicians, and on-site visiting physical, occupational and speech therapists. Your family member is never far from a medical professional whose chief goal is patient care and comfort.