• Caring for a Relative With Memory Loss?
    Here are Some Resources, and Groups to Help

    Caring for a family member who has memory loss can be one of the most difficult and demanding things anyone can do for another. It requires constant vigilance, much patience, and a lot of sacrifice. It’s often accomplished under very difficult circumstances for someone who may eventually even forget who you are and the bond you share. Because of all

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  • Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Lead to Dementia?

    Research over the past three decades has supported a link between traumatic brain injury and a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. One study found that older adults who have experienced moderate traumatic brain injury have a risk 2.3 times higher for developing Alzheimer’s. For individuals with severe traumatic brain injury, the risk is 4.5

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  • Butterflies and the Williamsburg Butterfly Festival

    Butterflies fascinate us. We love to watch as they float through the air choosing which flower on which to land. The flower of choice feels the tickle of the butterfly’s feet before being stroked by its long proboscis in search of the flower’s life-giving nectar. The butterfly circles around the flower – appearing to dance across the petals – ensuring that every

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  • What is Dementia with Lewy Bodies?

    Lewy body dementia affects some 1.4 million people in the United States, but the condition often goes undiagnosed. Many medical professionals remain unfamiliar with the disorder, which bears significant similarities to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The disorder also causes some confusion resulting from the terminology associated with it. The term “Lewy body dementias” encompasses both dementia with Lewy bodies and

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  • Tips for Celebrating Daily Tasks

    At Berkeley Oaks, we believe that those with memory impairments can continue to lead rich, fulfilling, independent and celebratory lives. We also recognize that caring for someone with a demanding illness, like dementia or Alzheimer’s, is an adjustment for everyone involved. That’s why being strategic and planning for memory care is so important to the legacy of your family! Creating

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